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Keeping Halloween Healthy

Trick-or-treating is truly a national pastime, and children of all ages look forward to this time of year. As the jack-o-lanterns, colossal bags of candy, and imaginative costumes fill grocery and department store aisles, it seems like all our healthy eating habits are placed on hold till the candy is gone.

But believe it or not, a healthy Halloween is possible! Following these simple rules will allow your kids to celebrate in style and keep your healthy eating practices on the right track, minus any nutritional guilt.

Healthy Halloween Ideas from 360 Cookware


Pre-packaged treats are a must, but rather than choosing candies made from highly processed sugars and chemical flavorings, why not offer some healthier alternatives?

Select replacement goodies such as, chocolate covered peanuts, raisin packs, and spiced pecans, or visit your local confectioner’s shop for individually wrapped taffy, rock candy, or caramels. These types of hand-made treats rarely contain preservatives or refined sugars, but will perfectly satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

More than likely, a confectionary shop will also offer charming little Halloween themed “White chocolate lollipops”. Spooky ghosts, bats, or pumpkins on a stick are a delicious substitute for calorie laden candy bars or other typical treats.

Balancing Act

Offset the fat or sugar intake of Halloween by preparing dinners of hearty stews, rich in nutrients. Vegetable broths, lentils, and grains are a good source of vitamins and protein, and contain little to no sugars or fats.

Use your 360 Cookware 4 Quart Stock Pot to make yummy casseroles, chicken and dumplings, or spicy gumbo that will delight your family. Chock full of veggies, warm, and flavorful, these dinners will hit the spot on chilly nights.

Served with whole grain crackers or rice, this kind of delicious comfort food offers superior nutrition for your healthy lifestyle, and can help balance out those sweet treats.


Moderation, above all, is the key to maintaining your healthy eating habits during and after Halloween. Trying to deny yourself candy corn, those stupidly good, peanut butter taffy things (those orange and black candies), or any other yearly favorite would be stressful and almost impossible; and forbidding the kids their hard-earned goodies would just be cruel.

So set reasonable limits on when and how much Halloween candy can be consumed. You know your family best; perhaps the treats could act as motivation to finish homework or household chores.

Healthy eating isn’t about a strict set of rigid rules that must never be broken, it’s about making deliberate food choices that help your body, not harm it. The occasional candy cream pumpkin won’t nullify all your efforts.

Using moderation, balancing your menu, and replacing traditional treats with healthier alternatives will allow you to enjoy the fun of Halloween while keeping your healthy eating habits in good form.

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