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Where is 360 Cookware Made

Where 360 Cookware is Made

Do you know where your cookware comes from? We do— from the USA. More specifically, from a place we consider a hidden gem, home to just over 30,000 people in West Bend, Wisconsin.

Beyond the fact that we’re proud of our hometown, why does it matter that we produce 360 Cookware here? And if our high-quality, waterless cookware is American made cookware, why did the “Made in the USA” label disappear?

Here’s the answer.

Today, over 85 percent of 360 Cookware production and components originate primarily in the USA. That’s a fact we’re very proud of.


Promising the High-Quality American Made Cookware

Here’s our promise to you. First, our products will never end up in a landfill. We know we’re producing cookware with incredible value. Second, we pay the industry’s most sustainable wages. Providing American workers with a livable wage is the right thing to do. Paying honorable wages means steeper labor costs, and that labor cost alone accounts for the majority of our expenses accrued “all or virtually all” in the USA.

    Six Parts, 35 Production Steps and Expert Craftsmanship-

    Our goal is to return to 100% Made in the USA by 2023, but until then, we’ll continue to craft superior cookware and bakeware that we are proud to stand behind. Here you can learn more about how your 360 Cookware is designed and built and we hope you continue to trust us for your culinary needs for mostly American made cookware.


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