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Healthy Cooking: How to Bake on a Stove Top Baking

Have you ever wished for a warm, sweet, home baked treat without having all the trouble of pre-heating the oven and warming the entire house? Even with new product innovations, microwave baking still leaves much to be desired. Overcooked edges and gooey centers don’t really evoke the mouth-watering images traditional baked goods usually inspire.

However, stove top baking is an easy and practical alternative to conventional methods, and a great way to create delicious home baked treats. You can whip up tasty cakes, scrumptious goodies, and even yummy cobblers on the top of your stove using your 360 Cookware

Stove top baking offers many outstanding advantages and benefits for the home chef. It beautifully unites your love of baked goods with your desire for healthier cooking and reduced energy consumption by providing a simple, yet delicious way to bake.

Stovetop Baking

Healthier Baked Goods = Healthier Bodies

We all know that most prepared, store bought desserts and pre-packaged cakes and treats contain a multitude of preservatives, additives, and high levels of refined sugars and Trans fats. By stove top baking at home, you can reduce your family’s intake of these unhealthy ingredients, without giving up sweets. Even more so with stove top baking because it requires far less fat for baking, and you control what is added to the recipe.

Reduced Energy Use = Saving Money and the Environment

Recipes that utilize the stove top for baking consume significantly less amounts of energy while cooking, reducing monthly bills. It just makes sense. Generating enough heat to fill and maintain a constant temperature inside the entire oven requires higher amounts of energy than the amount needed to heat one burner on the stove top.

Vapor® Technology creates a stabilized temperature inside the pan, providing perfectly even baking without hot or cold spots that exist in most traditional ovens. Ovens also project a large amount of heat into the kitchen, affecting the room’s temperature. During the summer, this will naturally cause the air conditioner to compensate for the additional warmth, consuming more energy and costing you money.

Not so with stove top baking. The low heat is transferred symmetrically throughout the pan, allowing you to bake evenly. Creating wonderful baked goods minus all the extra energy use.

Easier Baking = Saving Time

Busy moms rejoice! Stove top baking saves time by making it simple to prepare dessert while making meals. So easy and quick, just mix up any batter, pour into the prepared pan, and then place on the back burner using low heat. A yummy warm dessert is waiting for you after the meal. (For those who have cleaned their plate, of course.) Particularly awesome for recipes that require a steam bath, with stove top baking the entire dessert is surrounded by moist heat. This makes it an exceptional way to bake perfectly cooked puddings and custards. Browse our selection of amazing stove top baking recipes for delicious desserts!

Although it may seem strange and a little unorthodox, you’ll discover that stove top baking is simple and efficient, and with your 360 Cookware you can bake up sweet or savory treats that taste great and save you time.

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