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Stick with High-Quality, Healthy Non-Toxic Cookware for Safe & Healthy Eating

Before you sit down to eat that delicious meal you prepared, are you sure your dinner is the only thing you’re ingesting? If you’ve used nonstick cookware, there may be dangerous chemicals built up in your food that you just cooked.

Chemicals in Nonstick Cookware Increase Cancer Risk

A new study published in JHEP Reports this summer discovered a direct connection between PFAS, aka “forever chemicals,” and an increased risk of fatty liver and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Basically, lab-made chemicals used in cookware and food packaging have been linked to increased cancer risk.

These chemicals known as PFAS, or poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances, were developed in the 1940s and used on different materials to repel oils, stains, water, etc. For decades, chemicals that fell into the PFAS category were used in the U.S. on products like nonstick cookware, cardboard food packaging, protective clothing and more.

The Dangers of PFAS Chemicals on Your Cookware

Today, PFOA and PFOS—two types of PFAS chemicals—are no longer used in the U.S., but consumers can be exposed to them in other ways, for example, by purchasing products made overseas. Even nonstick cookware brands that claim to be PTFE-free or PFOA-free could be using the same or similar chemicals under a different name under the disguise as healthy, non-stick cookware.

Previous studies in lab animals have shown a connection between PFAS chemicals and increased tumors, which often indicates how the chemicals can react in people. For the first time, the most recent study in JHEP on a select group of individuals showed a more definitive link between these chemicals and cancer in people.

It’s important to understand the labels on your cookware. Nonstick might sound convenient, but nontoxic cookware is much more important to your health and the environment.

Good News for Healthy Non-Toxic Cookware Healthy Eating

Here’s the good news. If you’re filling your cupboards with 360 Cookware, you’re in great shape. Our best-in-class, American-made, stainless steel cookware is both safe and non-toxic, heavy duty and beautifully crafted for healthy eating.

The three primary materials used on our cookware include a T-304 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel on the cooking surface, a T-400 series stainless steel that sits on your burner and a layer of aluminum on the interior that creates an even cooking surface. Our aluminum interior never comes in contact with your food and each product is finished with a non-toxic, chemical-free process.

Our stainless steel cookware is PFAS, PFOS, PFOA and PTFE free, and the 360 Cookware factory is recognized by the EPA.

Plus, our healthy non-toxic cookware is still easy to clean! A unique sanding process on all of our products creates a non-porous surface, which keeps cleanup easy.

Don’t let the ads fool you—any cookware claiming to be cheap and easy won’t deliver on high-quality cookware and healthy eating. Our 360 Cookware has a lifetime guarantee and unique vapor technology which means you’re investing in sturdy, safe, and healthy cookware for life!

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