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Fox and Friends features ‘Made in America’ 360 Cookware Holiday

From its homebase in West Bend, Wisc., to the Fox and Friends studio in New York City, 360 Cookware showcased why it’s the perfect American-made product for your holiday gifting. Company founders Bryan and Beth Hurley recently kicked off the Fox and Friends ‘Made in America’ segment to share what makes 360 cookware and bakewareso special.

“It’s a multi-ply product, so everything is three layers,” Bryan Hurley said. “It’s a stainless outer layer, an aluminum inner layer for heat conductivity and no coatings.”It’s important to know what materials go into your cookware and bakeware. 360 Cookware products are made with three primary metals, bound through a unique process that makes the cookware safe and nonstick.

“The key is cooking chemical free,” said Rachael Campos-Duffy of Fox and Friends. “A lot of people are trying to clean up their kitchen to get rid of those pans with the coatings because they are not good for you, and this is a great way to do it—a great gift.”

Offering pans, pots, bakeware, griddles, cookware sets and more, 360 products cost “about a third of a smartphone” and last a lifetime, Bryan said. These heirloom products will be the last pan you’ll ever buy, he added, providing generations of restaurant-quality cooking.

Fox and friends at Fox News in New York City Studio

Getting the Most Out of Your Meals with Waterless Cookware

Investing in 360 means you’re benefiting from top-of-the-line waterless cookware that heats your food at lower temperatures, locks in flavor, maintains nutrients and cuts the need for any added oils or fats. Gifting 360 cookware and bakeware gives your loved ones a lifetime of healthy, safe and sustainable cooking.

The multigenerational company prides itself on producing the highest quality cookware from American parts and labor. Over 85% of 360 Cookware production and components are from the U.S., and 360 Cookware carries on a tradition of caring for its strong and dedicated American workforce.

Give the gift of a lifetime this year with 360 cookware and bakeware. For a limited time, use code FOXNEWS for 25% off your order.

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